Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home improvement

I love my new lights!  CF and RF came over for dinner and manual labor Saturday night.  RF was incredibly nice and installed my new fixtures to replace the crappy, cheap contractor specials I had in place.  I'll put up pictures of the other ones soon.  I'm very happy with them and feel like after nearly 6 years in this house, it is time to personalize it.  If I make it through the layoffs at work after session, I'll start looking seriously at replacing the floors.  


  1. I would like my full name in as many posts as possible...unless that gives away your secret identity

  2. Another comment: Of course you will not be fired; you're way too smart, plus great with people in general...

    We need cutbacks too. I'd like to start an anti keep KK in our office...

  3. Third comment...I accidentally started a blog. I'm gonna keep it going, but so far it's not much! Come find me: Jam Pony Messenger

  4. Hooray for accidental blogs! I eagerly await your next entry.

    And of course, Jenna Cook, I will use your full name as often as possible. The only secret identity it will give away will be your own. As far as my imminent firing goes, I think my job and your job is safe. However, the agencies will be directed to cut back. I'm guessing between 10 and 20 percent. I'm expecting a few unpaid days off every month. Hooray for more time off and no money to do anything with it!