Saturday, May 10, 2014

Metallics contest

Happy day before Mother's Day.  I just realized that I am a bad child because I hadn't planned for Mother's Day until just now.  One call to a random florist in Wisconsin later, and flowers are on their way.  The florist I called is from a small town and is a part hair stylist, part florist.  Love it.  She also spoke with a thick Wisconsin accent and it makes me wonder how I managed to escape the state without it.  (Yes, to my friends, my accent isn't nearly as bad as theirs.)  If you want to know what the accent sounds like, think of the movie, Fargo.  It makes for a surreal flower ordering experience.

Knowing that  have finished one thing today has filled me with a sense of accomplishment that can only mean more good is to come. I plan to go for a walk and buy groceries today, nothing can stop me.

Speaking of nothing stopping me, look at that quilting in the pictures above.  I did straight line quilting on my home machine.  These lines are rather addictive and I was okay with them being wobbly because the stars in the quilt are wonky and I thought that would tie everything together nicely.  This quilt is a smallish quilt and measures 44 x 45.  It is for a contest my guild has entered and consists of metallic fabrics provided to us for the contest.  I added the white and the yellow, but the rest was contest material.  The challenge was to design a Modern Metallics quilt and after several false starts I came up with a large wonky paper pieced star and several wonky pieced stars.  I like how it ended up, but this isn't really my thing.  I kind of wished I had added some brighter colors to go with it.  But, it is entered and ready to be accepted or rejected into the contest.  My quilting makes me hope it is rejected, but that's just me.  I'm just glad I had a chance to play with quilting on my home machine which makes this project worth it to me.

The next challenge is with some lovely Michael Miller fabrics.  During a long car ride through Seattle traffic yesterday, I came up with what I am going to do with them.   I had 3.5 hours to contemplate it so I'm fairly certain this has been well thought out.

I might be able to get started on that tomorrow.  Today is errands, fun in Olympia with some awesome people, and more errands.  And, a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there - human or feline moms - we don't discriminate amongst species here.