Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Auntie Kathy gets to brag

Isn't this awesome?  My niece who has never been taught to sew made her own ipod touch covers.  Seriously, that kid is self taught and look at the great job she did!  Yup, just an insanely proud Auntie sitting here enjoying the amazingly talented family.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Process Pledge

I think this is a really cool idea.  I'm taking the process pledge which means that I won't be displaying just finished quilts but will be talking about what goes into making them and showing them along the way.  Yes, this is basically what I am doing now, but now there's a pledge.  I'm like the boy scouts but without the youthful idealism!  

Our long national nightmare is over.

My machine is back early from its erratic service schedule which means I can take advantage of this cold, rainy day and get to work on the Dutch quilt.  I've toyed with pinwheels or making a Lady of the Lake quilt.  After much debate I've decided to go with a pinwheel block, but a double pinwheel because I like the motion the double pinwheel emulates.  As you can see from this poorly drawn picture of a starfish on meth, the pinwheels do seem to be moving.  I also drew in lines on how I intend to machine quilt it.  I'll be using a black background and will be stippling that and for the fans, I'll be adding some curved lines.  I am also probably getting ahead of myself by worrying how I'm going to quilt this since I really need to make the quilt first.  Off to find where I hid the rotary cutter!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holland Palooza 2010

Want to look at 363 pictures of someone else's vacation?  Well, then today is your lucky day.  I've narrowed them down but haven't put captions on them yet.  I think for the most part they are self-explanatory but would be happy to provide answers to any questions.  Here they are:  Holland pictures. 

In sad quilting news, I am taking in my machine to get serviced tomorrow.  It will be gone for two weeks.  Scandalous, I know, but since The Buchli's are visiting starting on Saturday, I would probably be busy with other activities anyway.  Still, I probably need to get a back up machine for this situation.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holland-Palooza 2010

I'm back from my vacation to Belgium and the Netherlands.  The trip was fantastic with gorgeous scenery, and delicious food - including lots of chocolate and beer.  I've got tons of pictures but need to sort through them so I probably won't get them published anytime soon.  I'll try for today, but jet lag and the cold from the depths of hell that I inevitably caught while on vacation are wearing me out.  For now, something pretty.  I went to a lovely quilt store in Amsterdam which features Dutch reproduction fabrics.  Sadly Happily, I spent way too much money and picked up some gorgeous fat quarters.  I'm now having to decide what to do with all this.  I'm leaning towards doing a variation of a pinwheel block (some version or a double pinwheel) and working these colors into them.  Of course I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any to offer!