Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day of the dead quilt

This is the part of piecing that goes fastest. The top row of three
blocks is together and the first two blocks of the next row are
together as well. Scout, however, has decided that the second row will
not be finished until she is done sitting on it.

Day of the Dead Quilt

With all of the excitement surrounding the Thai quilt, I've been ignoring my work on the Day of the Dead quilt. The center consists of 12 blocks, cut at angles that make crooked squares. The first step is shown above, and here is the next step:

This is repeated for the 12 blocks using different colors as shown here:

Now that all the blocks are done, I can start attaching them to each other and then add the border.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cat army

The cat army continues testing the thai quilt.

Sleeping cats

The cat army approves of the new soft and warm quilt.

Thai quilt

The Thai quilt is done! In case anyone is wondering, it is extremely
difficult to bind a quilt while two cats are sleeping on it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thai quilt

I quilted the Thai quilt today at Bayside Quilting. I would show you a
picture of it, but as soon as I put it on the kitchen table Scout
jumped up on it and hasn't left it since. She is determined to claim
it as her own.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day of the Dead Quilt

Technically, the Day of the Dead was yesterday which makes this quilt a little late in coming. However, I like to think of the Day of the Dead as a holiday we can celebrate year round. Now that we have justified the lateness of this project, I am starting my much anticipated Day of the Dead quilt. I have finished all the cutting (I did that on Halloween while waiting for trick or treaters, and nearly stopped when the grim reaper showed up - that will really clear out the plaque in your arteries) and am now ready to start piecing. The quilt is basically 12 squares that I am cutting at an angle to make them look crooked. I'm using an 8.5 inch square ruler and a 10.5 inch square ruler. This should be relatively easy to put together, but I'm not counting my day of the dead squares before they are hatched.