Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sew Mama Sew's Modern Block of the Month



The pieced back

All together now. 
I decided that I had to finish the Modern Block of the Month project because being two blocks short just wasn't going to work for me.  So, I finished March and April and then set about putting them together.  The sashing is in a grey because it turns out I have a lot of grey left from my last project and I felt like being thrifty.  The backing is shades of grey with one lovely 1/2 yard of lavender.  The grey 1/2 yard fabrics are from Pink Chalk's color of the month club.  It was rather fortuitous that I received a package of greys as part of this program and I decided just to go ahead and piece the back with those fabrics.  Again, I'm being thrifty, but I also really like how it looks and I think it fits in with the modern blocks in the front.

Thanks to the cute cat for the necessary scale.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Smitten Finish


The pretty back, viewed sideways
Finished!  Isn't it fortunate when you finish a quilt when there just happens to be extra hands in the house for quilt holding?  My brother's family just left; they are heading to Idaho today and then to Glacier National Park for 5 days of camping there.  Before they left, I asked Rich and Deb if they would be happy to stand in the one sunny spot in the neighborhood and hold a quilt.  They responded rather well to this request and here we all are standing in the middle of the street on the corner near my house.  They held it sideways, but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to your quilt holders.  Seriously, sunny days are rare here and to have people able to help me, well, I should probably buy a lottery ticket today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Stars, Cats, and May

Bob meets Orchid
I've been very excited for the last couple of years because I noticed that these tall purple stalks in my yard are actually wild orchids.  I debated moving this one because it is near where visitors park when they come here, but I've been told this orchid is parasitic and likely connected to the nearby tree.  Moving it would only cause its demise.  As did the camper that is currently parked on it.  That is completely okay, though, because the camper brought my brother and his family here for the week.  They drove from Wisconsin and are spending several days camping in the northwestern and western part of the country.  They will likely be here until Thursday or Friday which means we get some nice visits in before they pack up and head east.  
Shooting Star
 I thought that the Shooting Star block should be bright yellow to match the bright shooting stars that I occasionally get to see here.  This block was a pain to put together by the way.  I have had to accept that this is as good as I can get.  Those center seams have an awful lot of fabric at them and are quite bulky.
Single Wedding Star
 I thought that the Single Wedding Star should be purple to match the engagement ring that once belonged to my grandmother.  It is a lovely purple, but sometimes looks aqua and is set in an art deco setting which I just love.  This was not the engagement ring given to her by my grandfather, by the way.  No, she never got married to the guy who gave her the ring.  I think I like my ring more because of that.
I am quickly catching up on the Modern Block of the Month project.  Only April and March to go and then I can start putting these blocks together.  I think I will put a bright purple sashing in between the blocks and a bright purple border to match.  But, that seems a little ambitious for now.