Sunday, September 15, 2013

A special project and more Dresdens

I am in a Dresden kind of mood.  I finished up more for Catherine's quilt and as you see below, they are coming along swimmingly.  

But, I can't stop with Catherine's quilt. I have to do more Dresdens.  The South Sound Modern Quilt Guild is holding a get to meet you event by asking members to trade scrap fabric packages and asking the recipient of someone's scraps to make that lucky lady something from them.  You get an idea of what they like and you get to play with something that might not be in your wheel house.  It is a really nice skill building event.  The scraps I got are featured below (sorry, I wasn't clever enough to take pictures of them before slicing into them).  The instructions I got from the scrap owner were to do something with a heart.  That is a great challenge.  After playing with the scraps and toying with various heart designs, I decided that the center of a Dresden plate could easily be a lovely heart and my plan of action took place.  All the fabrics are the scraps of the donor except for the heart.  My first heart attempt ended badly.  Luckily, no one was hurt and I was able to move on.  I thought this aqua fabric would make a fun heart.  I will also be using it for another SSMQG project that I need to complete this week too.  It's a month of aqua for me. 

My donor's scraps also had some lovely 1.5 inch wide purple strips which I just had to play with.  I decided on a couple of log cabins for the back. 

The quilting job was rather simple, but I really like how it turned out on the back. You can see the plate and the heart and I like that you can see that on both sides.  And, with that, my first mini quilt is complete and my first Dresden plate is complete.  Boom!

Now for some more aqua work.....