Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Greetings, long neglected blog friends!

Hello again, everyone!  I'm sorry about the long delay between postings.  I thought I hadn't done a lot, but when I loaded the pictures off my camera I realized that while I have been goofing off for a month enjoying life and the cat army, I actually have been productive on the quilt front. I know you can't wait a moment longer, so without further ado, here is what I've been doing for the last month....

Steps to the Altar
The Spinster quilt lives!  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  These steps to the altar are strewn with beautiful little flowers.

Random Baby Girl Quilt
Well, drat.  I decided to use left over blocks from an earlier quilt to make a lap quilt for a friend of a friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  I thought this would be cheerful and give her something to curl up in to relax between doses of chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, I didn't have as many blocks left over as I thought I did and didn't get it to lap size.  I'm going to quilt this and have it on hand for when someone, anyone, I know becomes pregnant with a little girl.  Want this? Get some wine into you and head down to the local bar.  I kid, I kid, you can buy wine when you get there. 

Forest Fantasy 

The beautiful back

Very cute little girl cat picture.

Folded and ready to go to its new house.
I did finish and give away the Forest Fantasy quilt last month.  I was so happy with how the quilting turned out and how it looks put together.  Scout agrees and had to be forcibly removed so I could put it away and keep some of the cat hair off it.  CF came over one evening and picked it up. I love giving these little projects away.  The cats are opposed to that practice, but I've told them that adversity builds character.

Next up, more Spinster action!  (And, hopefully, not another month between postings.  Sorry about that!)