Monday, May 27, 2013

Tunnel Falls on Memorial Day weekend

I put my hiking boots on this weekend, packed a backpack with a sleeping bag and food, and hit the trail with the very awesome AH.  We hiked to Tunnel Falls, a hike on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and then camped about a mile past the falls.  I've never been an eager backpacker, but I have to admit that it was very fun.  The campsite we found was about 7 miles up the trail and right on the river. When I woke up during the night I heard the roaring river, and lots of raindrops.  Luckily, the rain waited until the night and then made intermittent appearances during the hike back.  I highly recommend this hike, even if you aren't into backpacking.  The falls are 6 miles in and feature a tunnel carved into the mountain that can be used to walk behind the falls.  The roar of the water is deafening, the rocks are slippery, and it is a long way down.  I'm very scared of heights so that part became more intense for me, but it was well worth it.  It feels good to admit that I might be able to handle a night in the woods.  Maybe even more than one if the opportunity arises.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Spinster Quilt - The Front is Done!

Scout helps to finish the border.

The pretty pieced front....

.... with a cat for scale.

A view of the cornerstones.

My photography assistant
This is crazy!  I finally finished piecing my Spinster Quilt.  I added the last part of the border today and am happily admiring it and the work that it took to put this together.  This was not without risk; I took these pictures while standing on the island in my kitchen and I was slightly afraid that I would fall off it.  I think it would be an awkward way to die - landing on my head while taking pictures of a quilt.  But, that's probably happened to someone somewhere because it is important to get the right shot.

I succeeded in not using the same patterned fabric in more than one block.  Most of these were taken out of my stash, but I also definitely purchased some bright colors with the intention of using them here.  I did use one or two solids in more than one block, but that is the nature of solids and I'm not going to worry about it.

The cats were helpful as usual and are probably happy that I no longer will inquire as to the condition of their toes.  (Are your feet dirty? You can't be here if your feet are dirty!) And, now, to the back!  I'm planning on making 8 log cabins, one from each color group represented on the front.  I have about three yards of a deep blue and I plan to incorporate the log cabins into the blue and make a simple, but pretty back.

Taking the day off work to finish this was the greatest decision I've ever made!