Monday, February 11, 2013

temperance, swallows, trees, strawberries, and lightning

Strawberry Basket
 My first thought with the strawberry (dude says hi) basket was to go with red, but in digging through the stash I couldn't help but think these pinks were better. I think they are.

Streak of Lightning 
 I've been saving this fabric for this blocks for months, well, maybe a year.  I knew this would be perfect to represent a streak of lightening.  Bright and almost neon, a perfect portrayal of lightning.

Tall Pine Tree
 Pine trees around here are rich, deep green.  This is not. I did think, however, that this was a pretty shade of green and I wanted to use it.

 We had swallows nesting on our house when we were kids.  They were beautiful and they annoyed the cat. What more could you want from a bird?  At any rate, my swallow block is grey to bring home the neutral colored swallow.

Temperance Tree
I'm not going to lie.  I'm drinking an old fashioned as I type this.  This block is my way of honoring the old fashioned which is made with bourbon (a manly brown liquor), bitters, ginger ale, cherry, and an orange.  A pretty, pretty orange.  And, probably, an improper way to honor the temperance tree.  But, then, I'm not one to really honor the temperance movement.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Storm Signal
Red skies at night, sailors delight.  Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning.  This is a signal to get you through the storm.

Star of Hope
It was fun to use this star patterned fabric for this block.  I won about an eighth of this pattern at the Sewing Summit a couple of years ago and was happy to see it in my stash. I believe this was a gift from Fabricworm, so props to them!

Squash Blossom
Speaking of Sewing Summit, this patterned fabric is what was left over from fabric I took there for a fabric exchange.  One of the lovely ladies there organized a color wheel exchange and each participant was assigned two colors to bring a stack of 5 inch squares to switch out with the others.  I was assigned yellow and yellow-orange.  I thought the seeded pattern would be fun for a color wheel and, in this case, fun for yellow colored squash blossoms.

Next up, strawberries, lightening, and a sparrow.