Monday, November 2, 2009

Day of the Dead Quilt

Technically, the Day of the Dead was yesterday which makes this quilt a little late in coming. However, I like to think of the Day of the Dead as a holiday we can celebrate year round. Now that we have justified the lateness of this project, I am starting my much anticipated Day of the Dead quilt. I have finished all the cutting (I did that on Halloween while waiting for trick or treaters, and nearly stopped when the grim reaper showed up - that will really clear out the plaque in your arteries) and am now ready to start piecing. The quilt is basically 12 squares that I am cutting at an angle to make them look crooked. I'm using an 8.5 inch square ruler and a 10.5 inch square ruler. This should be relatively easy to put together, but I'm not counting my day of the dead squares before they are hatched.


  1. I just love this quilt. I am wondering what the block style is called. I love the offset skewed look. This quilt has made me want to do something with my day of the dead fabrics, because it looks so colourful and happy. Thank-you for sharing... Juanita

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