Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Quilt

A friend of mine is expecting his first baby, a son, in June. I am very excited for him and have decided that I have to expand my mad quilting skills to include gifts to non-family members. The pattern is shown above, but I won't be using ducks or pastels. You can see the fabrics I've chosen and I'm also branching out a bit because I've purchased flannel for the backing and the binding. The lady at the quilt store was very persuasive about how cuddly and warm that would make the quilt. The poor little guy will probably roast under this now, but she made cooing noises when she said this and I fell for it. Cuddly, flannel it is. I've finished cutting all the pieces and am now putting the squares together. A completed one is shown in the last picture. I will be making 10 of those squares and then some triangle blocks as well.

The cats have discovered the flannel backing and approve.

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