Saturday, January 19, 2013

A surprise and a night at the ball

Have you ever done a surprise quilt for someone you spend the majority of your free time with?  It is slightly difficult but fun in a sneaky sort of way.  I found this Washington State University fabric at my local quilt store last November.  I decided that it would be the best gift possible for my favorite Cougar fan.  I also decided that it had to be a surprise and would require sneaking and stealthy behavior.  It took me a couple of months, but I was able to do it.  I also managed to surprise my very happy Cougar on Christmas Day.  It was awesome.  The front and the pieced back are documented below. 

But, wait, there's more.  Have you ever wanted to attend a ball on your birthday?  Me too!  My city hosts an inaugural ball every four years for the incoming Governor.  It is held at my workplace and usually I don't feel the need to go because, well, it's held where I work.  This year, I had a Cougar fan to come with me and a birthday, which occurred the day of the ball, to celebrate.  It was too perfect and I bought a pretty dress, accessories, and shoes that should only be worn by women who need to earn money while standing on street corners. Unfortunately, I didn't get good pictures of my dress and hooker shoes.  But be assured the outfit was awesome.  The evening was memorable, filled with pomp and circumstance and I got to see my coworkers looking all fancy and pretty. (For Olympia, this is a very big deal, us west coasters don't go for fancy dress parties.) I even managed to get a few pictures of me and the Cougar.  Much fun.

Ice sculptures!  

Look at me and the happy Cougar who is still thinking about his awesome quilt. 

Getting ready to introduce the new Governor. 

The rotunda, which I usually just run through during legislative session. 

The chandelier, big enough to hold a VW beetle. 

Where did those come from?


  1. That must have been a hard project to keep secret. You deserve the Ball! Happy Birthday.

  2. Aren't you a striking couple! Happy Birthday/Ball. Nice quilt. I noticed that there weren't any cat parts in the pictures, but you're in them. How clever.

  3. Good to see he loved the quilt.
    You looked lovely at the ball. Glad it was a good night. And belated happy birthday