Monday, September 8, 2014

An update

Remember when I said that I would keep this up and then dropped off the face of the earth?  Well, yeah, I remember that.

At any rate, I'm clearly on a hiatus.  I think I might start this up again in October or November.  I have to change a few things about the blog.  I sold my house this summer and am moving into town with the cat army.  We are all moving in with my special man friend.  He and I are buying a house together that is on the national historic registry - to my UK reader this means it was built in 1928, that's what we consider old here. :)  The house will be within walking distance to work.  Which sounds great now but will be less exciting when the January downpours occur.  I won't care, I'll be happy, in love, and with my own sewing room.  Life is good my friends.

Until the fall…. I miss you all and hope to get on-line again.


  1. I thought for sure you had run away and got married! I guess I wasn't too far off. Glad to hear your life is going well. You sound happy. See you in the fall.

  2. Glad all is going well. See you later

  3. Kathy, I miss reading your blog! Hope all is going well in your new location and that you will post again soon to share what's happening now in your life.

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