Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thai quilt

I've finished about half the squares and they seem to be coming together pretty well. I will try to take some pictures tomorrow so I can share their colors. The cat army has been remarkably hands off during the process, but it was nice today and they spent a lot if time outside. They had to take naps while I was piecing this evening. Scout did manage to wake up and demand some attention.

I also made it to Ballard and explored The Quilting Loft. I can't say it was that much more impressive than Bayside Quilting. The Loft had more modern prints and some great day of the dead fabric which I bought. But their batik and blender selection wasn't that great. Still, there were some nice show piece fabrics and they are close to Cupcake Royale so it might be worth a return visit.

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