Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thai quilt

The towers are completely done! You can see that they have a green-gray border and have a purple background at the top and bottom. All I have to do is piece the towers together by adding purple strips between the towers and also at the top and bottom. I will probably be able to do that today after I finish cleaning and making a sun-dried tomato pasta sauce. And all this because the NFL insists on showing games today that I have no interest in.


  1. I'm not a professional, but it looks like maybe you've been using a square ruler. Something in the 8 inch range?

  2. Wow, good eye! The squares are 8.5 inches. I didn't have a square ruler for this project, but I wish that I had because it would have made that so much easier. I am buying one for my next project which will have crooked squares with a Day of the Dead pattern.