Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thai quilt

Despite an admirable amount of resistance from the cat movement, I was able to finish piecing the Thai quilt. The backing is cut and ironed and ready to go. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to rent the long-arm machine at Bayside until Friday so it will have to wait until then to be put together. I did play around on my home sewing machine to see if I could take care of it here. However, my stitches are erratic, apparently I have no hand-eye coordination, and I really don't want to do stitch in the ditch for this quilt, so no home quilting of this. I am very hopeful that I will be able to quilt it and get the binding done next weekend before I leave for Wisconsin, but we will see. I am very happy with the colors and how bright this quilt is. The last strips I added do demonstrate that things aren't quite as straight as they should be, but I plan to keep my head up and not focus on the imperfections.

Next up, my Day of the Dead quilt!

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