Thursday, May 13, 2010

The business of binding

The dangers of binding a quilt with a flannel back are now very apparent to me.  Scout has decided that this is great and will not leave it.  I will clearly have to make her one of her own. I have the binding added to one side of the quilt and I now need to flip it over and sew it to the other side.  Some quilters - those who care about their final product - will tell you that you should hand sew the final side.  I really am not interested in doing this unless there is a machine involved, so I will be machine sewing both sides.  I know, I know, when did we as a society get so lazy? 

In other cat news, Scout's veterinarian convinced me to enter her photo in their pet photo contest.  It raises money for local animal charities so it seems to be a good idea.  This photo is the one I've chosen for her.  I like how she looks slightly annoyed.  I'll also be submitting one of these photos to the website to see if I can increase their fame.

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