Saturday, May 22, 2010

Machine-ish quilting

I huge thank you to my commenters who encouraged me to just go ahead and quilt this on my domestic machine.  I got it set up, quilted a row, discovered that my stitches weren't particularly even, but weren't particularly awful, when this happened...

First Scout discovered this on the table, then Angry Bob discovered it, then Sam discovered it, and then I decided that this will never be finished if I have to continually move cats from it.  I'm giving up for now, but will make a good solid attempt at finishing this in the future.


  1. OMG. Too cute! This photo needs to be a greeting card! I love, love, love it. I think these four legged children think you are making them a playhouse!


    PS - I still think you can quilt it....but the four legged children are going to need to find play a bit, so they can take a nap and leave you alone, or find a way they can help.

  2. Thank you! They pretty much know that everything I do can be converted into cat activity. I will keep plugging away at this when they are less likely to be active or when they decide to pick a part of the quilt that I am not working on. They are very helpful that way.