Friday, June 18, 2010

Our long national nightmare is over.

My machine is back early from its erratic service schedule which means I can take advantage of this cold, rainy day and get to work on the Dutch quilt.  I've toyed with pinwheels or making a Lady of the Lake quilt.  After much debate I've decided to go with a pinwheel block, but a double pinwheel because I like the motion the double pinwheel emulates.  As you can see from this poorly drawn picture of a starfish on meth, the pinwheels do seem to be moving.  I also drew in lines on how I intend to machine quilt it.  I'll be using a black background and will be stippling that and for the fans, I'll be adding some curved lines.  I am also probably getting ahead of myself by worrying how I'm going to quilt this since I really need to make the quilt first.  Off to find where I hid the rotary cutter!

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