Sunday, May 15, 2011

Citrus Triangles

Almost half way there. 

I am a master of organization.  Also, post-it notes don't actually stick to fabric. 
It's been awhile since I've had two days off from work, let alone three.  I spent the first two days basically sleeping - I managed to do yard work and get some cleaning done in the mornings but both Friday and Saturday featured 4 hour long naps in the afternoons.  A friend of mine says that I have mental fatigue which is a nice way of her telling me that I look tired.

Today, however, was completely different.  I cooked, baked, cleaned, finished laundry, killed another very large spider in the garage, and worked on my quilt.  Day three of the three day weekend was bliss and I'm now ready for further abuse at work.  Did you miss the fact that I cooked and baked?  I'm trying to go through my cupboards now that I discovered an alarming amount of expired jars on the shelves. And not just a little expired - more like I think I brought that can with me when I moved here seven years ago, expired.  Whenever I throw away an expired bottle or can, I can hear my grandmother's voice telling me that it is perfectly good and she didn't have the luxury of throwing away cans of food when she was growing up in the great depression.  Yes, that is true. But, no matter how bad this recession is,  teriyaki sauce should not be grey.  Words to live by people. Words to live by.  


  1. Wow - how did you manage to get three consecutive days off? I'm glad to hear you got some well-deserved rest, and still got a lot done. I love your citrus triangles! Now I'm in the mood for lemonade.

  2. Love that quilt!
    I am also relieved that I am not the only one keeping things beyond their shelf life. In Japan it is so hard to find those familiar treasures and then you save them for just the right occasion. I had three cans explode last summer and I don't know which was worse, the messy shelf or the wasted filling.

  3. I'm ok with using stuff in the pantry before they expire (hmm, actually, maybe I should check). The fridge is where I fall down. I buy stuff, get busy, forget to use it. Or make stuff and forget to eat it or freeze it. Yesterday was my semi-regular fridge clean. Shudder.