Sunday, November 13, 2011


I returned from my island vacation and am firmly back in reality.  Or, at least as much reality as I can handle.  I had an amazing time and was warm for a whole week, which considering the "summer" we've had here in the Pacific Northwest was well deserved.  My Hawaiian vacation was relaxing, full of heat, sun, blue water, lizards, sea turtles named Stanley, volcanos, lava, flowers, and POG.  To prove it, here are some photos of life on the big island:

Yes, the water really is that blue.  And, warm.  So wonderfully warm. 

Pretty orchids at the Farmers' Market. 


A beautiful plant with the cutest little lizard you'll ever see. 


The volcano emits sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid.  You want to stand away from the smoke.

Lava v. road.

Akaka Falls near Hilo.  The wettest I've ever been.

Oh, yeah, these things are everywhere. 

Here I am enjoying a locally brewed beverage at Kona brewing company.
Want to see 150 more pictures?  Probably not, which is why I didn't put them in this post.  They are, however, available here.


  1. I love Big Island! I'm glad you got your sun fix. I fear it will have to hold you over for the next 6-7 months :(

  2. What a lovely place and that lizard is just ever so cute.

  3. That really is a cute lizard, and I'd love to meet Stanley. Your pictures are breathtaking, and now I'm in the mood for Hawaii. Glad you had such a wonderful warm time!

  4. Great pics. Especially Stanley! (have I mentioned I LOVE turtles?). Sounds like you had a great time

  5. I am way excited that you got up close and personal with a gecko and volcanoes! You're my hero, KB.