Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and two finishes

The front, all quilted and bound.

The back, sideways and quilted and bound.

My new office "art"
It's nice to get things all finished up during the week of Thanksgiving.  I quilted and bound the Ingie quilt and then delivered it to its recipient on Monday.  Everyone thought it was wonderful and I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  My Citrus Triangles quilt is also done and is hanging in my new office. (That's what I did at work yesterday - moved my office four doors down to be closer to the rest of my team.  My phone and computer aren't up and running yet, but at least all my stuff is in the right place.)

Today I might get some quilting done, but I have to watch some very important football games first.  The first and most important one starts in just over an hour.  I'm wondering if my heart can handle the stress of rolling out of bed and then watching a Packer game.  And, yes, Thanksgiving will be a low-key event this year with one friend coming over.  I prepared a turkey in the slow cooker last night and we will be watching football and eating turkey sandwiches in honor of our colonial ancestors who would have thrown rocks at the tv and burned everyone involved.  Here's hoping no one gets lit on fire today.


  1. I love the citrus quilt, which is odd, coz those so aren't my colours. But the way you've put them together here makes me think maybe they should be. Great work art. And handy to have around incase you get snowed in or otherwise stuck at work this winter :)

    I love your take on thanksgiving. i'm sure someone will be set on fire, most likely their own fault - holidays do tend to bring out the stupid in people

  2. WOW - that citrus quilt is totally awesome now that it's all quilted! I agree with Nic that those aren't "my colors" but you've made them beautiful!!

  3. Great finishes! Your office will look great whether it is functional or not. I think my ancestors would have been quilting. ( or some of them dining with the Pilgrims)