Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ribbons, Seasons, Silver and June

Spinster Blocks are in the house y'all!  We will start with pretty blue ribbons because this block could be its own little blue ribbon commission.  (That's some very inside baseball humor for my work peeps.)
 It is hard to think of a color that could symbolize all the seasons.  The commonality is that there will always be a sun and sunny days, no matter how cold or rainy it gets in the winter.  It's not a bright yellow, though, because it is June here and I've turned the heat back on.
Silver Lane
 I thought grey would be a lovely way to represent Silver Lane.  The cat in the picture agrees.  She is so very helpful.
Modern Block of the Month - June
And, finally, some Modern Block of the Month action.  I have three of these to go.  This is the June block and I've got to go back in time and do May, April, and March.  That may or may not happen this week.  I'm enjoying the Spinster Blocks quite a bit at the moment, and there is always yard work to do (and if it is sunny tomorrow, that is what is going to happen).

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