Monday, July 2, 2012

Stars, Cats, and May

Bob meets Orchid
I've been very excited for the last couple of years because I noticed that these tall purple stalks in my yard are actually wild orchids.  I debated moving this one because it is near where visitors park when they come here, but I've been told this orchid is parasitic and likely connected to the nearby tree.  Moving it would only cause its demise.  As did the camper that is currently parked on it.  That is completely okay, though, because the camper brought my brother and his family here for the week.  They drove from Wisconsin and are spending several days camping in the northwestern and western part of the country.  They will likely be here until Thursday or Friday which means we get some nice visits in before they pack up and head east.  
Shooting Star
 I thought that the Shooting Star block should be bright yellow to match the bright shooting stars that I occasionally get to see here.  This block was a pain to put together by the way.  I have had to accept that this is as good as I can get.  Those center seams have an awful lot of fabric at them and are quite bulky.
Single Wedding Star
 I thought that the Single Wedding Star should be purple to match the engagement ring that once belonged to my grandmother.  It is a lovely purple, but sometimes looks aqua and is set in an art deco setting which I just love.  This was not the engagement ring given to her by my grandfather, by the way.  No, she never got married to the guy who gave her the ring.  I think I like my ring more because of that.
I am quickly catching up on the Modern Block of the Month project.  Only April and March to go and then I can start putting these blocks together.  I think I will put a bright purple sashing in between the blocks and a bright purple border to match.  But, that seems a little ambitious for now.


  1. I love the engagement ring story and know what you mean. After Granny died we found some old (funny) love notes. Written as poems. But they weren't from Grandad. We found that out when I showed them to my father and he said "it's not dad's writing". He was completely uninterested after that. Me? It just made me more interested of her earlier suiters. Wish I'd thought to ask her about that when I still had the chance.

    Great blocks. I really like shooting star even if you're not happy with your points. I've had to learn to "live with it" for many of my blocks too - especially where many points join, and as you said, get bulky at the join

  2. I love that you always tell how/why you choose your colors. Enjoy the time with your family! And meow to Bob.

  3. I really like the colors and design for the may's beautiful.