Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spiders, Snow, and Spools

 Snowballs!  Isn't it fun to think of snow during the winter?  No, no it isn't.  Thinking of snow reminds me of the 14 inches of snow we got here last winter that was accompanied by freezing rain and no power for six days.  But, who is keeping track of that sort of thing around here.  I went with circles and diamonds for the snow because, well, snowballs are round and freshly fallen snow sparkles like diamonds.  A very easy block to put together, but a block that I like quite a bit for its simplicity.
Spider Legs
 Grossest name for a quilt block ever.  Ever.  Every once in awhile I get these horrible looking spiders in the garage that look like black widow spiders but aren't.  They have the same body type and creepy looking spindly legs, but I've never tickled their bellies to see if there is an hourglass there.  This block is red for the red hourglass and is a block I like quite a bit.  Especially since it is in Badger colors.
The spool block definitely requires straight lines, or straightish lines as the case may be here.  Next, an update on the Forest Fantasy Quilt.


  1. Looks like you are having fun with this one.You can always change the name to something else, you know.

  2. My favourite of these is the spider block. Looks great!
    Ah, I love the idea of that much snow. But I don't so much like thevidea of 6 days without electricity. Unless I had a genertor. Plus a fireplacecwith a big supply of cut wood