Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spider Web, Dancing in the Garden

Every once in awhile I get a little giddy at all the blocks I've made for my Spinster Quilt.  I've finished nearly 90 of them and am a little sad that this process will be over soon.  (Soon, as within a year.)  I finished three blocks this week and have a treat from the garden to share as well.  

Square Dance
Too literal?  Squares for the square dance? They kind of look like they are dancing don't they?

I know, this has very little to do with the Spinster quilt other than I can see it as I work at my sewing machine.  I just had to share this because it is a very confused rhododendron and needs to go back to sleep.  Of course, it never actually blooms when it is supposed to so I'm enjoying this while it lasts.

Spider Web
 Just in time for Halloween, a Spider Web.  I thought these ovals looked like little spider eggs which is probably not what the fabric artist had in mind when creating this pattern.  Also, I've got tons of these types of webs all over the exterior of my house and in the garage.  At some point in time, battle must be done with my trusty broom.

Star Gardener
Through absolutely no fault of my own, I managed to have 3 wild orchids come up in my yard this summer.  I'd like to take credit, but we all know nature takes it all in this case.  At any rate, they were purple and beautiful.  Had I actually planted them and got them to grow on my own, I would have been quite the Star Gardener.  (See what I did there?)

Next up, Squash Blossoms, Steps to the Altar, and a Star of Hope.

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  1. Love the blocks. Makes me want to work on mine again