Monday, October 1, 2012

You know what's awesome?

Getting a new sewing machine. That's what's awesome.  So, when we last talked, I mentioned gently beating my old sewing machine to death for being difficult.  I would clearly have to get another one, but which one and can it take a punch?  A friend of mine mentioned that she got a Pfaff and loves it because it has a walking foot attached which means that your top fabric will be held in place against your bottom fabric (I may be paraphrasing the awesomeness of the attached walking foot). She also mentioned that I should go check out the vendors at the Puyallup Fair (pronounced "fair") because lots of vendors come to the fair and they bring with them fabulous deals.  I asked the handsome and brave AH to come with me and we (I) played with sewing machines and fell in love with the Pfaff.  It was on sale and I had the handsome and clever AH with me to carry it to the parking lot. How could I resist this perfect storm of excellence in sewing machine buying?  I couldn't.  Since then, I've been playing with the Pfaff and I have to say that I love it.  It sews like butter - not that margarine crap, actual butter.  I've been cranking through the blocks for the Forest Fantasy quilt and loving every minute of it.  

First, I sewed the blocks I've made earlier together. 

 Then, I sewed those blocks together to make a lovely square and now get to sew these into strips.

Much progress has been made and did I mention that I love my new sewing machine?  Because I do love my new sewing machine.  Oh, and the old one was given away to a good home where she miraculously started working again.  Probably because it feels as if it is in a safe place and no longer subject to righteous beatings.


  1. YIPPEE!! Yay!! Congrats on you new Pfaff. WHich one did you get? I bought my Pfaff almost 3 years ago, and I really love it. I'm glad your old machine found a loving new home.

  2. So glad you got one that you like. The blocks look great too.

  3. The quilt is looking good. And yay for the new sewing machine