Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wind and Wild Geese, A Tour of the Letter "W"

Welcome to my random assortment of Spinster blocks that start with the letter "W."  I think there is something for everyone here, assuming you are into bright colors and awesome points on geese. Yup, I went there.  Awesome points on the geese.

Wild Goose Chase
Finding a color that goes with a large print, red on pink floral is very much like heading out on a wild goose chase.

I like how these dandelions look like they are being dispersed in the wind.  No doubt they will be landing my still unmowed yard where they will grow like the weeds they are.  Don't judge about the unmowed yard, we've had so much rain here that the ground in the back sinks a little when I step on it.  It's great for the plants and the wild dandelions, not so good for impressing my neighbors with my mad yard maintenance skills.

Windblown Square
I thought the pattern here looked like little fans and was appropriate for a windblown square.  Also, the cat approves.
Looks a lot like a windblown square, doesn't it?  I went with complementary colors for this one so I could distance it from its almost twin when I put it in the quilt.  Yes, I know, whirlpool practically screams for a blue block.  I wanted to add more yellow so I went there.  Also, at some point in time, I plan to remember to not photograph the stain on my cutting mat.
A waterwheel. Now, that's a block that should be blue.  I also like how the Art Gallery fabrics look like little drops of water.  That wasn't planned and I just spotted that now, but let's pretend I'm that good at matching fabrics to random ideas.  

Wild Geese
Boom.  I finished this one up at about midnight last night.  I had a crazy good night of making blocks and hanging with the cat army.  Work has been one big pile of stress lately and I've been feeling it. Making pretty things has helped quite a bit.  I'm going to finish up some more today (with any luck) and share them next week.

Lots and lots of more "W" blocks to come.


  1. You're points on the geese are great! And it was interesting to read your thoughts on all the blocks!

  2. Great blocks. You're getting so close! It makes me want to pick up mine again. But I'm at least 15 blocks ahead of the friend who I talked into doing it in a QAL with me, so it has to wait.
    No judgement from me with regards to kowing and lawn maintenance. I don't do it. When I have a yard again I'll pay someone to do it. Or if I have a partner, ply him with sexual favours :)