Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My triumphant return from the midwest


Bob Newhart

Madison's capitol building

New Glarus

Rural Wisconsin

Some fine Wisconsin beers
i wasn't quilting last week, I was drinking beer and enjoying some fine sunsets in the midwest.  I took AH home to meet the family and everyone loved everyone involved.  It was a lovely visit and it made me realize how hard it is to live away from family but also to know that no matter how far away I live they will always be there to tease, support, and share in adventures.

Vacation started in Chicago where we had some amazing dinners with friends and saw my very first Cubs game.  That was incredible - old school baseball at an old school park.  I would definitely go there again (even though I should be a Brewers fan and not inclined to entering enemy territory like that).  Then to Wisconsin to visit my parents and look for wild turkeys (success on both fronts).  We also went to the University of Wisconsin, my alma mater, and enjoyed some beer on the terrace while students entertained on open mic night and the crew team practiced on the lake in the background.  Very warm, very peaceful, very perfect.

More visits with the family and more drinks and rich food, then back to Chicago before the flight home.   I kept my eye open for fabric stores in Chicago, but it was half-hearted.  Instead, I enjoyed walking around a new place with sore feet and the satisfaction of ordering gin drinks in prohibition-era bars.  I also so very enjoyed my traveling companion and can't wait for our next adventure.