Saturday, July 20, 2013


Yummy pieces of deliciousness.
Do you know that I love rhubarb?  If you don't, its like you don't know me at all.  Rhubarb is the old lady of fruits and veggies.  She is showy, she is tart, and she is incredibly delicious.  I can't grow rhubarb here in the jungle, but I have friends you do and they are awesome.

A friend of mine gave me three large (and I do mean large) pieces of rhubarb.  So, I turned around and made these yummy rhubarb oatmeal bars.  Is there a recipe?  Oh yes, there is.   The recipe comes from and is way too easy.  It calls for "nuts" so, apparently, there is some flexibility here.  I used walnuts because they were on sale.  Sometimes I can be thrifty.  I mixed the crust ingredients in the food processor until they started coming together and the cooking time took some extra time. It called for 20 minutes, but it took me 40.  That could be my oven, but I've never heard of these type of crumb bars getting brown in 20 minutes.  (As if that is all I ever think of.)

This reminds me that I have some of these in the freezer. I should probably look into that.  

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  1. Oh sure, now I have to go looking for rhubarb!