Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alcoholic curtains

I finished my valances for the kitchen and put them up.  I really like how they turned out.  You will notice a bare light bulb hanging over them.  This is not because I live in a trailer park, but more of a tragic accident.  As I was putting up the curtains and standing on the counter, I managed to hit the glass globe in place over the bulb.  I hit it with my head.  The globe fell off, hit the counter, then the floor and shattered into approximately 1, 234, 734 pieces.  Of course, I was standing on the counter in socks and had to jump down on the floor.  By the way, the cat army was very helpful.  All three of them were sleeping, raised their heads when they heard the noise, judged that this did not cause a massive tuna release in the kitchen, and then lowered their heads and went back to sleep.  I've got everything cleaned up, but I'll need to head to Lowe's pretty soon to replace my lamp.  

In other sewing news, I've started the "evolution" quilt.  

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