Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sarah Vowell

Sarah Vowell came to town last night to read from some of her books including the new one, The Wordy Shipmates. Wordy Shipmates is good, just not as good as Assassination Vacation, which is my absolute favorite book of hers. Despite getting up at 4 am Eastern time to come here to entertain us, she was incredibly generous with her time. She read from her books, held a very nice Q&A session and then signed books in the lobby. It was a really fun evening, and being Olympia, I ran into everyone I know there. I even managed to go out with MOS for sushi before the show. (And, now I'm thinking I had fish breath when I gave Sarah my name for the book signing. I'm sure she is heading back East with stories of smelly locals with easy to spell names.)

At any rate, Sarah ended her Q&A on a question of what do you have to say to the kids today. Actually, it was asked by an 8th grade teacher who wanted to know what she had to say to his students. I'm extrapolating to all of the kids. She discussed the value of work and how we don't seem to discuss that anymore. Having spent my last three hours of work madly preparing for my six bills on Monday at 8am, I was actually a little touched. She talked about how inspiring it is to see people work when they are really good at what they do. I don't think I have reached that level - I don't think people will ever been moved by my bill reports - but, it did make me proud of being able to take care of myself.

And, yes, the witch reference in my title is inspired by her writing about her trip to Salem.

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