Saturday, April 4, 2009

Only a month to go

Sine die is just around the corner.  Committee action ended for me this week and I just have to work my bills through the floor process.  It will mean some late nights and weekends, but the worst is over for now.  I want it to be officially over because I need to get some hiking in.  My boots are ready to be put on and my backpack is ready to be stuffed full of the ten essentials.  I even plan to update my first aid kit since I am fairly sure I am out of ibuprofen and bandaids.  The picture here is of an avalanche lily from last year.  They are rapidly becoming my favorite flower - just for their ability to lay dormant under several feet of snow and then to burst open when the spring thaw hits.  Fragile and beautiful - can't wait to see them.  Mount Rainier, melt down soon so I can come and visit.   

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