Wednesday, April 22, 2009

quilting time

This is a continuation of last night's project when I made 18 squares of this color combination. Compare it to the earlier version - the blues here are slightly darker than the other blues. Last night I sewed the squares together and I just finished pressing them tonight. I would have pressed them last night, but I failed to figure out how to properly test an iron to see if it is hot. By the way, if you are wondering, the way to test an iron to see if it is hot is not to touch it. Ask me how I know. I attempted to work through my second degree burn by soaking my finger in a glass of ice water while pressing squares with the other hand. I pressed a couple, but realized that this might be futile. I spent the rest of the evening watching NCIS reruns with my finger in a cup resting on an ice cube. The darned thing hurt through the night so when I went to bed I put two ice cubes in a ziploc bag, wrapped it and my finger up in a towel and that's how I slept. Sometimes it really does pay to live alone - the cats never question this sort of behavior.

A big shout out to Jenna - only a week to go!

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