Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm going to call this a learning experience. Blergh. The border consists of 4 pieces - two of the patterned skull fabric cut vertically and two cut horizontally. I managed to cut one vertical and 5 horizontal. Seriously. I have to stop drinking wine while cutting my fabric. I also used all my spare fabric in precutting the binding, which I really didn't need to do until the very last step. So, I have no extra fabric and no way to fix this without buying new. I did that and I hope that the fabric arrives soon and matches what I have. Of course, on-line, you have to buy .5 yard as a minimum order, so I will have lots of fabric left over. Maybe matching pillows for next day of the dead? I'm beginning not to like novelty fabric.

In other news, I am home today because my pipes froze in last night's deep freeze. I only hope I get a hold of a plumber in time.

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