Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday night quilting

I have recovered from my brush with the endodontist on Thursday. I will have more dental adventures in the future when I get my crown, but for now all is well in the world. Except that isn't entirely true, because I'm on antibiotics and can't drink alcohol until I am through with them. Since I can't have a nice glass of red wine, a Shiraz is what I would have had tonight, I thought that I might as well stay busy and do some quilting. I'm making a total of 40 of these triangle blocks. Twenty of them are done with green as the large triangle in the block and I will repeat this with blue as the large triangle in the next batch of twenty.

I actually think that the way I did this was easier than using the template, but don't let those people at The Quilter Magazine know that I've gone rogue. I sewed the triangles to the strips I made earlier, cut those down to 4.5 inch squares and then sewed a smaller blue triangle to complete the square. I can't believe those poor fools wanted me to use a template. Ha. I say it again, Ha.


  1. looks good! Way to find your own way to make that quilt! love that sort of thinking!

  2. Thank you! This is such a learning experience, but I'm really enjoying it!