Monday, September 6, 2010

Dutch quilt - more assembly required.

I've finished putting all the blocks and am in the process of putting borders on the quilt.  Unfortunately, the top two rows of blocks are significantly smaller than the bottom three.  Go figure.  I decided that rather than have a lot of black, blank space in the top corner that I would add a couple of selvages in to fill in the gap. The selvages say that these are reproduction fabrics produced in Amsterdam and I intended to add them to the quilt anyway, so this is rather fortuitous.  At any rate, Little Girl Cat discovered it when I laid it out on the sofa to see if I picked the right selvages.  You can see them in the upper left hand corner.  She's lucky she's so flippin' cute.


  1. She is pretty cute and you always have to wait for them to move before you continue... you just have to wait. Nice quilt too!

  2. Thank you for visiting! I've learned that I can distract the cats by doing something interesting sounding in another part of the house. Of course, I think they are on to me now and that won't work any more.