Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Eve Eve

Only 3 rows left to add to the front.
The candy remains well-guarded.
Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think. 
My Halloween Mixtape Quilt is nearing completion.  I have six rows done and only three more to go, which only means that the front will be done, but it's a start.  I still will have to piece the back and figure out what I'm going to do for that, but check out the sashing above.  Maybe I should have gone for a brighter color, but I really liked the pale orange I found at Ruby Street Quilting.  It's from a Gee's Bend fabric line and the colors are so rich you just want to eat them with a spoon.  I bought some burgundy and some green from that line for a quilt for my brother.  They are amazingly beautiful  handsome colors and I think they will look wonderful in his quilt.  His quilt is the next one I plan to work on and I'll have to start putting all the materials together  - including finding the pattern he picked out for it in June.

At any rate, Halloween is upon us and I decided to liven things up around here by putting skeletons around the place and leaving the spiders alone for a few days to get the "natural" spooky look.  I even cleaned up the front lawn today so I could plant headstones.  I don't normally have Halloween decorations - a combination of me being incredibly cheap and having limited storage space precludes getting too fancy for Halloween.  This year, however, I bought the zombie gift basket at Pumpkin Palooza.  If you guessed that Pumpkin Palooza is the annual Senate fundraiser for the Thurston County food bank that involves gift baskets, a bake sale, and a carved pumpkin contest, you'd be correct.  If you guessed that I usually bake and spend the week before begging people to help out, you'd also be correct.  Every year I say I won't do it and every year I get pulled back in.  It's like the mafia but with fewer horses' heads.  

So, we raised some money, I got some things to scare the neighbors, and we all won.  I also got my second zombie jello mold, but I gave that away yesterday because I honestly believe that if you are at a point in your life where you need more than one zombie jello mold you really need to take some time and reassess your life choices.  

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