Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marmots, foxes, and frost - oh my!

Skyline Trail at Paradise.

Fuzzy ice.

A mini-marmot.

Fall color.

Yesterday's hike was at Paradise on the Skyline Trail at Mt. Rainier.  It was a chilly day - probably about 40 degrees the whole time, but it wasn't raining or snowing and that is pretty amazing for October on the mountain.  We were greeted in the parking lot by a fox who was probably used to getting handouts, but failed to persuade us and left empty handed.  The hike was gorgeous and we saw lots of fall color and three marmots.  I have a feeling my next hike will be much wetter.

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  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! My hubby and I went to Seattle last September, and we took a bus trip to Mr. Rainier. It was so awesome. We were able to take a short hike, and I'd love to come back. I just discovered your blog from FNSI, but I'll be back!