Monday, October 25, 2010

Random photos from the weekend

Five minutes after I took this picture Scout moved to a different quilt and threw up on it. 

Sam wisely chooses my sewing chair to take a nap in.  

Fuschias from the fuschia garden at Point Defiance. 
Today was my furlough day from work.  I thought I would get some quilting done, but the cat army has gone into overdrive to thwart my efforts.  It is just as well, I needed to watch some TV with a cat on my lap anyway.  These are some random pictures from the weekend.  You will see that the piecing is going quite nicely on my Halloween quilt and is at the stage that requires cat monitoring.  The fuschia is from Point Defiance Park in Tacoma - I went there on Saturday to look at (and buy) the glass pumpkins on display there.  It really was an amazing display - hundreds of brightly colored glass pumpkins in the pagoda at Point Defiance.  Simply amazing.  I have no pictures of those pumpkins because it was insanely crowded and I would have only captured people looking at pumpkins which isn't as exciting as you would think.

I also took advantage of my furlough to finally talk to my doctor about the heartburn that has been plaguing me since spring.  It's gone into overdrive and I thought I should finally fess up that the tums aren't doing the job.  I can't believe that I now have a prescription to address GERD.  Sigh - I feel like I've just lost my stoic midwesterner card.  And don't even get me started on the fact that I have to eliminate chocolate, soda and alcohol from my diet.  This being a grown up thing kind of sucks.  I'm off to grab a cat and drink some water while curled up on my freshly laundered quilt.

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