Saturday, February 12, 2011

Block A Palooza

You wouldn't know it from the picture, but the sides are a deep purple.

It's nice to finally have a day off and to get the chance to catch up on the block a palooza.  These are blocks 2 through 4.  I especially like the bottom one which I think turned out great and might be one I make again in a different color combination (maybe sometime soon?). Also on my day off from work, I roasted a chicken and put some meat away to add to soup.  We've reached the point in session where I have to start getting creative for lunch because I really can't eat any more Lean Cuisines.  Nothing against them, but I need to eat something that didn't originate in a box.  Which I just realized makes my soup plan slightly ironic because I'll be eating soup from a box.  Damn.  I hate it when my evil plans are thwarted by packaging.

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