Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two unexpected days off in a row.

Block 7

Block "8"
For reasons I won't bore you with, I completely expected to work at least one day this weekend.  Luckily, democracy came to its senses and gave staff a weekend off before continuing its march through floor action.  I decided that due to the weather and my overall grumpiness with people who aren't cats, that I would stay home and quilt this weekend.  I would also watch Law and Order reruns, but that wasn't in the plan - just a happy coincidence that Tivo decided to tape some entertainment for me.  I love the Tivo, but I try to get all sophisticated with it and I tell it to tape Frontline and Nature.  I am in no mood to watch Frontline and Nature when I am spending the weekend locked in the house with a various number of cats. Luckily, Tivo sees through my desperate attempts at culture and records lots of Law and Order reruns for me.  Technology saves the day yet again.

But, I digress because the point of this post was to whine about waking up with a migraine headache.  It is hard to open the smelly cat food for the cat army while holding your head and insisting that everyone use their indoor voice.  Several hours on the couch with Sam, Scout, and then the Sam/Bob combo that we all know and love and I am ready to face the world in subtle, indirect lighting.  So, I finished up block 8 (I did block 7 yesterday but didn't want to get giddy and do a double post) and am ready for more abuse.  Block 8 isn't the block 8 that was designed in by the block-a-palooza.  They used applique. Not that I have anything against applique.  I love applique when it is done by someone who is not me, but I have mixed feelings about doing it myself and so modified block 2 to become block 8.

I'm going to download the directions for block 9, but I doubt I'll get to it tonight.  There is another cat asleep on me that probably should not be disturbed. Seriously, I'm envious of their little sleepy lives sometimes.

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