Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snowed in.

Block 6
Here in my part of the Pacific Northwest, we don't respond well to snow.  Sure, there are always going to be those people who see snow and then get all excited and shout that they want more.  Those people are not commuters.  As for me, I dread the slow drive in to work knowing that at some point in time a person in a large truck or SUV is going to decide he can drive faster that me and demonstrates that by tailgaiting.  I enjoy the stress of trying to keep my speed up, trying not to spin out, and hoping that the guy behind me knows that no matter how great his four wheel drive vehicle is, it isn't going to stop on the glare ice.  I also learned that my car has a warning light to alert me when I am sliding.  This is useful, because nothing relieves the stress of avoiding sliding off a bridge or into another car like a bright red blinking dashboard light.  I like to multi-task as much as the next girl, but having to worry about all the above and then think, "oh, no, now there's something wrong with the car" doesn't help as much as the maker of my car would think.  After awhile I started shouting at it, "I know, you don't have to tell me!"  But, I made it to and from work for several days and have decided to spend this weekend at home quilting and trying not to develop a drinking problem.  Block 6 of the block-a-palooza is above, taken by the window with light reflected off the snow.  Flippin', flippin' snow.  

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