Saturday, March 12, 2011

March is National Craft Month

Block 9 - my new camera really brings out the stains in my cutting mat.  Also, the second in a series of cat butts. 
More fabric?  I'd better take a bath. 
To celebrate National Craft Month, I've decided that it is about darned time that I do some crafting.  I'm still way behind on the block-a-palooza, but I'm going to do something with what I've done so far.  Cherry House with Cherry House Quilts put out a call for help on behalf of the Baltimore Headstart program.  They need baby quilts and lots of them.  I think these blocks would look lovely and bright in baby quilts so I'm going to try to make one or two of them.  I'm also going to try "gasp" quilting the baby quilts on my home machine.  That shouldn't be too hard because they will be small and I have a walking foot, but it will be a new challenge for me and I feel like I'm up for it.

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  1. That kitty has good taste in fabrics. Now, why sit on a bare counter top wwhen there is a comfy pile beckoning.