Sunday, April 10, 2011

An end to a crafty week.

Eggs for Easter!

Flags for the garden that has yet to be planted. 
I work with an amazing group of people and I am not exaggerating to say that I am honored to work with every single one of them.  (Well, not a couple - am I right, Catherine?)  At any rate, we are not only smart and attractive, but we are also crafty.  And, boy have we been crafty during our down time.  For us, this is what I like to call "firefighter mode."  I have only a few things to work on and I have lots of down time, but when my subjects come up it is high alert and I need to be able to respond quickly.  So, we wait and then we leap into action.

The crafty ladies have come up with two projects to fill our time. The first is growing real grass in real eggs (that have been emptied of their eggy contents) in time for Easter.  I do not own egg cups, but I discovered shot glasses make lovely egg cups (don't judge).  The second was fabric flags, stiffened and weatherproofed with silicone caulk for garden vegetable markers.  The joke on me is that it is too flippin' dark in my yard for veggies, but I am considering writing "moss" on one and putting it in the front yard.

Since I can't bring my sewing machine to work, I'll be looking for other similar projects this work week.

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