Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whew, finally. And my oh so grown up, sarcastic response to the dumbing down argument.

Baby quilt #2

Baby quilt #2, back

Baby quilt #1, no fancy back on this one. 
I know, we all thought this day would never come but they are done - the baby quilts I made from the 9 blocks I made for block-a-palooza.  I'm not going to finish block-a-palooza - there were too many flying geese and it turns out flying geese make me stabby.   At any rate, I finished the quilts and they will be on their way to the Baltimore Headstart program tomorrow.  The pink quilt has a hand sewn binding and the purple one has a machine sewn binding.  I actually would have preferred to do a hand sewing binding on that one, but in the interest of time I had to do that on my machine. 

On another note, I've come to learn to appreciate a hand sewn binding and will be doing that little job by hand from now on.  Look at me growing as a quilter and learning new techniques.  But, no, I've been reading on the internet how modern quilters are all dumbing down their techniques - so how could I be learning new techniques if I'm so dumb?  This just doesn't compute.  Maybe modern quilters aren't dumbing down the quilting movement.  Maybe we do what we enjoy and try new things and either like them or don't.  Flying geese, bad. Hand binding, good.  I like bright colors and simple lines which doesn't make me a bad quilter, it makes me someone who enjoys bright colors and simple lines.  Look, no one has to like every quilt that is out there but if you don't like it, you don't have to belittle it and state that the quilter is inferior.  Differences can be appreciated without interference by the quilt police.  Here endeth the lecture.  


  1. I am a hand binder myself, but probably because that is the only way I have ever been able to make a binding look decent. Police? I don't see any police. Quilt, and be happy!

  2. I like the quilts,I look more at the persons creativity, not perfect seams,color choices.I say who cares about the police, who put them in charge anyway.

  3. Thank you! I'm not finishing blockapalooza either. I love the 10 blocks I made, except for one- not telling which. I knew going into it I was gonna make 2 small quilts anyway, one Christmas and one Halloween novelty fabrics, but after so many flying geese I stopped.