Monday, September 19, 2011

The Ingie Quilt - Cutting is complete

Bob, hard at work.

Does he look angry?  He looks angry.

Time to play with the layout. 
First, I'd like to address why Bob looks so angry.  I roasted a chicken on Saturday and only gave him some of it, not all of it.  Bob was sulking because I told him that the chicken was going into soup and it was not open to discussion.  He'll be okay, trust me, but he still has this look about him as if he can't understand why I'm so stupid and won't give him what he wants.

In piecing news, I've finished up my fat quarter bundle and am ready to play with the layout on my brand new fabric quilt wall.  I finally broke down and bought a quilt wall so I could layout quilts without using the floor and moving around the cats that would inevitably end up sleeping on the pieces on the floor.  Sam has already figured out how to knock pieces off, so this could end up being hours of entertainment for all of us.


  1. Congrats on finishing the cutting and on your design wall. Your quilt looks fantastic!

  2. Looking good.
    Your angry Bob story had me laughing. I'm vegetarian, so any meat coming into the house is for my little boy. He especially loves chicken. Once when my sister was living with me she brought home a roast chicken for dinner. Macros never gets up on the bench but he did that day. We heard a noise and turned around and saw a tail. She was most put out that he was attacking the rest of the chicken. I confess I found it funny :)

  3. I guess if I had cats I would have a design wall by now. Nikko understands the word "Off".
    Too bad I can't train the hair as well.