Thursday, September 1, 2011

So pretty.

I really like this combination of pink and yellow.  It is such a fresh, springy look and something that is fun to play with here at the tail end of summer.  Still a few more color combinations to do and I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow so I didn't make my goal of getting this pieced before I left.  Sigh.  At least I know I will have something pretty to work on when I return.  Today, I start forming ideas of what to pack and spend some quality time with the cat army and convince them to be nice to the sitter.  Sam - I'm talking to you; let her pet you this time.


  1. where does someone who lives in one of my favorite vacation destinations go for vacation. I wouldn't have put those colors together, but they look great!

  2. Have a wonderful trip. Cats will be cats even if you are away and the pretty piecing will await your return

  3. I love pink and yellow this fabric is wonderful! :)