Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eagle Peak - Mount Rainier

View of the trail as the scramble begins.

When you get out of breath, stop and take a picture....

....which makes people think you are into photography and not gasping for air.

You can almost see CF in this picture.  

A nice view of where I had been. 

Mt. Rainier is hiding around the corner.

View from the parking lot. 

We remarked that it seems like this river should be bigger.  
In anticipation of my trip tomorrow to the land of beer and cheese or as I like to call it, Wisconsin, I decided that I should stretch out my legs to help me withstand the plane ride to Detroit and then the connection to Madison.  Seriously, I can't believe I'm flying to Detroit tomorrow.  At any rate, I digress. This post is not about my confusion about why I couldn't fly through Minneapolis but have to overshoot my destination and then backtrack to Madison. No, this is about the amazing hike I took today at Mt. Rainier.

Today was free fee day at the mountain, a fact I did not know until I got there.  Free fee day usually means that there are crazy amounts of people on the mountain and today was no different.  It is not surprising that most of these people did not attempt to climb Eagle Peak.  It was quiet and beautiful and, for once, not incredibly windy and cold at the Peak.  I swear I heard marmots but I did not see them.  The view was beautiful and I got to watch CF's apple slowly roll off the edge of the cliff as we were too slow to stop it. Honestly, I don't think I've laughed harder on a hike watching that thing slowly roll away.  Okay, not so funny here but it caused me to inhale a sugar cookie so you have to trust me when I say it was a laugh riot.

I need to pack and convince the cat army that another week without me is a good thing.  I'll be back in a week with pictures of cheese and bratwurst.  It's like Germany but without the need for a passport (and for some a study in coronary heart disease).


  1. Breathtaking! I've pulled out the camera a time or two when I was gasping for breath. Good ploy. Enjoy Wisconsin.

  2. Yay cheese and bratwurst! I'm always amused when I go along Milton Avenue, and see the little shop painted with cow spots, advertising 'real WI cheese'. I suppose we must love our cheese, though, that we can support a specialty cheese shop right here in southeast WI.

  3. Beautiful! I always enjoy your hiking photos. Makes me want to get out hiking. Especially as this has been a low hiking year for me.
    Enjoy your week away.

  4. I kind of liked the view without running out of breath. Thanks for the hike and have a great trip. I wonder why it is with all those planes flying around that I have to fly through Chicago to go from D.C. to Boston.

  5. Hi Kathleen,

    It was really nice meeting you today in our free motion class from Sewing Summit. It must be late, because that class feels like days ago, not this morning. Can't wait to see your progress in free motion. I expect to see weekly status reports. (jk, ha, ha)

    And thanks for the batting, that was so nice of you.


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