Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's do this. Let's have a very good New Year.

Fussy Cut Christmas Table Runner.  Quilted and Bound.

A close up, featuring an ear.  
It was nice to finish a Christmas project on Christmas Eve.  I had a friend over for lunch on Christmas Day (in case you are wondering brie ravioli are the bomb) and I made sure to point it out to her and make her adore it.  I'm not entirely pleased with the quilting, but this was my first project that I quilted on my home machine and overall, despite a few puckers on the back, it looks more like a second or third project done on a home machine.   I'm sure my next one will be even better.
Smitten Block #4

Smitten Block #5
These blocks are fun to do and I'm pleased with how they are looking next to each other.  I've now used each of the Heirloom fabrics once and now I get to repeat them but paired differently.

Flower Basket
And, finally, a poor neglected Spinster update.  I've hit the flowers/friendship blocks so be prepared for a lot of pinks and oranges for the next few blocks.  I made the Flock Block (oh, that sounds dirty) purple to represent purple martins.  My grandparents in Wisconsin had bird houses for purple martins in their back yard.  I never saw any when I visited them so I'm not sure how successful the bird houses were.  I can only imagine my block is a good representation of them.

The Flower Basket block is missing a handle because I'm a rebel and accountable to no one.  Also, I don't want to make a handle.  You might say that it is too obvious to use flower prints on a Flower Basket, but why would you?  I mean really, we all need to work together here.  (Also, it took me four times to get the spell check on my computer to tell me that I had the correct spelling for "obvious.")


  1. Congratuations on the finish! It ooks great!
    Your smitten blocks are so pretty. I would be afraid to have that many projects going at once but you seem to be adding to each rather regularly.

  2. Great table runner. Congrats on the finish. Was the ear from a four-legged friend investigating this new thing, or from deciding that you had kindly supplied a new bed?
    The blocks look really good too. I'm wanting to pull out my neglected quilting projects too. Might have to do that this week.

  3. You have quite inspired me to make Smitten! Putting all else aside, I was able to finish it before New Year's Eve (although that wasn't the original plan!). My version is smaller, as I was using the fabric I had on-hand. If you are curious, I talk about it on my webpage at

    Thank you so very much for sharing your Smitten blocks .. without your posts, I never would have even known the pattern was available. :-)